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Forgiveness and Love

In my day-to-day activities, I interact with persons of different kind. This can be at home, in the neighborhood, in workplaces, schools, religious gatherings, transport and medical facilities among others. In order to experience harmony in life and a fulfilling relationship with others, it is necessary that there be love. The presence of love requires that I forgive others when they do me wrong.  It can be expected, from time to time, that I enter into a disagreement with someone. If the other person is wrong, and deliberately does something that hurts me, I may sustain feelings of resentment towards them. This leads to withdrawal of love towards the other person. The essay below will discuss how I benefit when I forgive others and find love for them especially in my academic and personal life.

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Love and Forgiveness


There is no single definition of the word love. The particular words used to define it are often narrowed down to the exact content in which it is used. However, a common baseline of the various definitions is that love portrays a positive feeling towards someone or something. According to the Oxford dictionary, love is a feeling or emotions characterized by strong affection and personal attachment. Some Psychologists have broken down the complex topic of love to contain three main elements; attachment, intimacy and care.


The human Development Study Group has proposed forgiveness as an overcoming of the negative judgment and affect by an offended person towards an offended. The idea of forgiveness can only become valid if the forgiver has suffered hurt, yet is able to look upon the offender with compassion, tolerance and even love, while actually recognizing that the offender has no right to them.

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My experience with Love and Forgiveness

Being able to forgive has played a major role in the progress of my academic and personal life. It is only through forgives that I am able to love and therefore I will focus on forgiveness as a way to achieve the objective of love. I will discuss the way it benefits forgiveness helps me in the personal and academic life below.

Personal life

Emotional Relief- The ability to forgive gives me emotional relief and a harmonic thought flow in my day to day activities

Aids in Relaxation- Forgiving others help me to relax and brings peace of mind. It is comforting to feel free from the constant urge to act in reiteration for an offence done against me.

Improve relationships- It has helped me have better relationships with family betters, friends and other members of the society.

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Leads to better sense of well being- When I forgive people, I feel stronger and more dependent. I am able to overcome negative emotions and focus on positive aspects about others and about life.

Academic Life

Forgiveness enables me to have an open perspective towards fellow students during academic discussions. This helps me to broaden my angles of thought during academic discussions, which in turn gives me an edge in performance.

Love gives me a willingness to assist other students; this often helps me to have a sense of belonging and completeness. When I help others, it becomes easier for me to get help when I need it, as is the case in many situations involving class work.

Helps me to understand others

Love makes it possible for me to first consider the other person’s basis for doing me wrong before reacting to them. When I understand how others reason I get better chances of self-control.

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Love and forgiveness are fundamental aspects of healthy life. Enhancing my ability to forgive and forget has helped me in my interpersonal achievements as well as attainment of a healthy state of mind. It has helped me to love other people. It is important that I learn how to forgive, and to love others.

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