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My Best Model

Very few people get inspiration from their close family members and relatives. Many children would always take somebody outside the family to be a role model. However, my case is different. My auntie Jane is an exceptional relative. She has some sense of character that I admire and find worth of the things I consider important to me. It is very hard to get Auntie Jane angry and if she gets annoyed, she will not show it. To me, this is a strong character and something that I have learnt from her. Nothing matters to her most than finding love in herself. Through her, I have come to realize that being happy is a choice one has to make. The way my Auntie dresses describes her personality in a very perfect way. In the extended family, she is known as the harmless girl. However, many people respect her and they do not take her kindness for weakness.

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Jane’s hair is mid length and reaches her shoulder with low lights that usually contrasts her natural brown hair. She does everything with a sense of fashion. Her make up makes her stand out amongst the entire body of family members. She always matches her eyes shadow with the colors she wears in every outfit and there is not a day that she does not receive a compliment from every person in the community. Jane’s height is roughly 4’5’’. Some people consider her a midget and they may look down upon her as a junior person but to me, she is my best model. Her voice stands out and matches very well with her polite nature. She has a preppy high voice that makes her an ideal receptionist where she works.

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Based on Jane’s personality, she has made me understand the beauty that is hidden inside me. Before I got close to Jane, I was just a flower without water or sun almost dying out. I had a lot of insecurities and I had a feeling that I could not get love from anybody and more especially from people of the opposite gender. My auntie had always seen the much I struggled without confidence. She has decided to make a difference in my life. Auntie Jane usually invites me to accompany her when she goes on small errands in town. She makes me have a lot of fun and get to buy things for myself even though I find them quite expensive. All the same, she has made me realize that it is just a part of life and that I should take pride in myself and love myself first. She has made me realize that it is important to love myself instead of expecting others to love me. It is important that I got this lesson from Auntie Jane.

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Jane always stays strong and does not show any signs of weakness. When things go contrary to her expectations, she will keep working until everything is rectified. My Auntie has always been there for me through the difficult times and I love every moment I am with her. Auntie Jane is an amazing person. She is very much inspiring and I love her very much. There are quite a number of ways in which a person can show forth a strong character. It is not merely physically but mentally too. My auntie is one kind of a person who knows what she does and will never show that she is weak. Auntie Jane is presumably the strongest person that I have ever known. If anything goes wrong in either her private life or at her work place, she will take it bravely. She always maintains her image and remains focused.

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My auntie has taught me perseverance and I have its meaning through her own experience and her life. Everything that she does and decides to work on makes a lot of sense to me. You can practically see what my auntie does from her daily life. If she plans about something and goes the opposite direction, she will always persevere. She will hold on and make every effort to get what she wants. All the same, she does not force anything to work. She tactfully handles every situation without complaint. That is another thing I have learned from her; there is no point in complaining about the past or in angrily looking at the things which cause us discomfort. This is an awesome character and personality that is very rare and that makes a better person in my own judgment. Despite all this, my auntie is very industrious. She has taught me the beauty of hard work and the difference that hard work brings out in the life of an individual.

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I may have found her discipline and determination annoying initially but now I know that she is right and it has helped me a lot in making progress in my entire life so far. Above all, Auntie Jane has never given up on me and she has always supported me. Through the stages, letdowns and heartbreaks, my auntie has been very instrumental. She has always consoled me in moments of tears and put me in my position whenever I landed in trouble. Jane is a listening and caring individual. She always minds the feelings of other people and she is very careful with her words. She does not mix them. If she realizes that something she is about to say will hurt somebody, she better keep mum. She has always taught me to do to people the things I would wish them to do to me. She does not like getting hurt and she would not like to hurt others.

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Generally, my auntie has been my best role model since I was nine years old. Anytime I need assistance and help, my auntie has always been my first choice. Auntie Jane has made the best out of me and she has helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses. She is one such person who knows no defeat and wants to be happy all the time. She will therefore try to avoid anything that will steal her joy away. I owe everything I have achieved as a person to Auntie Jane. She is my best. There is nothing I would not do for her considering the impact she has made in my life.

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