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Freshmen Orientation

Freshmen orientation was a great experience for me. I did not know where to begin, and the orientation came, in handy, to have a good start. I had many questions running through my mind prior to my enrollment at the college. I, therefore, anticipated a time when I would get to find answers in full details. I also wanted to meet new people and get to know my college better. On my first day of orientation, I was able to meet several friends, some of whom have greatly assisted me in academic and social life within the college. We shared our expectations and fears, making it easy for us to adjust. If I had not had such good friends, I would never have been able to succeed in my college life. Another important event for me was the trip round our college. We were able to visit various places within the college, where we got to know about the history of various sites and buildings. It helped to find my way through college. For example, I could get from one lecture to the other, avoiding confusion that many of my friends, who have never attended the orientation, were experiencing.

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The other great opportunity came, when I was able to talk to the college staff. This was an appropriate time for me to ask questions about college life. I had the opportunity to voice various concerns, especially about financial aid that I anticipated getting. Fortunately for me, the information that the staff offered, enabled me to apply for aid, and got it in good time. The orientation also gave me the opportunity to register for my classes, making it easy for me to settle down more quickly on our reporting date. I had a lot of time to ask questions about various offered courses. I was ready to learn and attend all classes. My grades were good due to the information I have received and applied in my classes. Our orientation took three days, that time we spent in the college. This meant that we would have an opportunity to sleep in the hostels. I had to adjust my budget items. I did not know how I would cope without some items at the beginning of the semester, until I attended the orientation program.

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I owe much of my success in college to the orientation. I continue to advise the freshmen to attend it, so they will have all the benefits that I enjoy to this day. The conception that the experience is a waste of time is wrong. On the contrary, many freshmen waste more time looking for direction within the college, and as they get confused on many vital issues that are taught during the orientation.

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