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Tomorrow’s Life

As one of my lectures at Temple University described it, passion genuinely loves what one does, no matter the pay. I sincerely attribute my success to hard work and commitment in whatever I do in life. Temple University assisted me to become the successful teacher I am today and I am, therefore, forever indebted. I now know, through my work and personal experiences that I made the right choice in joining Temple University.

Reminiscent of the renowned character in Mr. Holland’s Opus (1996), teaching for me came as an afterthought. Ten years ago, I did not have any specific career path that I wanted. I wanted to find my niche in society and do something impressive with my life. Deep down I always knew I desired to work in a career that would give me the opportunity to help others or make their life better. Attending Temple University helped me through all this.

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When I first attended my first class in Early Childhood / Elementary Education, I felt a sense of belonging and instantly knew that I had made the right choice. My stay in the university molded me to become a better individual. I got the confidence and agility I required to become a well-rounded professional. With that, I was able to pursue my love for teaching young minds and helping to mold them to better citizens.

After completing my undergraduate degree in Temple University, I moved to New York. While there, I worked as a teacher in the New York school system. I worked there for about four years, and had a basketful of experience to form it. Being from a small town life in the city was not exactly a walk in the park. My stay at Temple University has given me the skills necessary to interact with people from different walks in life (Lenmark-Ellis & Lenmark-Ellis 1989). I taught English and Literature in an elementary school. While there, I enjoyed and loved every minute of it. I also joined an inner city volunteer program. Here, we distributed food to the poverty stricken people living in the city slums of New York. We also taught them life skills and worked to build the talents of the youth living here. I took on a project to teach young people how to paint at the local youth center (Berndes 1997).

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At first I was extremely skeptical about my class. However, I put up notices in the youth center asking those who wanted to join my class. My mother was an artist by profession and I had picked up a few skills from her. Also, while at Temple University, I had audited an art course and I felt confident about the skills I was about to pass to you. Everyone in my class of eighteen students passed and became successful. We even exhibited the students work in a nearby art gallery which was an overwhelming success. I even got an award from the mayor and the local church for all my hard work to keep the children off the streets.

After this, I decided back to school to enhance my education. Without a doubt, I chose Temple University to pursue my Master’s in Child Psychology (Rosinsky 2008). While studying, I also worked in a nearby elementary school. Because of my hard work and passion for teaching, I received the teacher of the year award for that year.

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After completing my Master’s degree, I got a job in one of the top listed colleges, but declined the offer as I had chosen to join a volunteer group to Africa. I got assigned to be the head of the project to Kibera slums in Nairobi Kenya due to my success in New York’s inner city.

Going to Africa for the first time proved to be a tremendously exciting experience. Kibera is one of the largest slums in the whole of Africa. During my stay in Nairobi, I volunteered as a teacher in a college for girls (Tobin & Dimarco 1999). My experience in Kenya was priceless and memorable. I also met my wife while working here and we have been together ever since.

When my mission was over, I got a job as the director of a non-governmental organization which helps the poor living in the less underdeveloped countries in Asia and Africa. The organization has received several awards and accolades for the work we did in Africa and Asia.

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Temple University taught me well on how to be the best at whatever I do. I always strive for excellence, and I will appreciate the knowledge, and wisdom imparted to me while at Temple University.

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