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The Best Man

It was a Saturday morning that I woke up feeling happier than usual. The birds were humming their favorite tunes. The run rays were already making their way into all the four corners of the room. The day that I have been waiting for had arrived. My best friend’s weddingwas the big event of the day. I quickly jumped out my bed and before proceeding to the bathroom, I checked the time to ensure I do not get there late. It was 8:15 am. I took my designer made towel and sprinted to the bathroom. Since I am not a fan of cold water, I turned on the heater to heat the water. By the end of the shower, the whole bathroom was dark filled with fog as if it was a sauna bath. I proceeded to the wardrobe and took out my new suit. No words would adequately do justice to how amazing the suit was. As they saying goes, “Seeing is believing.” I stood there admiring myself at the mirror before I reminded myself that I had to go pick up the groom from his house.

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I left my house at around 9 am in my black SUV. To my amaze, there was no traffic on site therefore; I was able to zoom off the suburbs where my friend lived. It was just a fifteen-minute drive since there was no traffic. As I entered his compound, it was a beehive of activities. There were elderly men at one corner taking traditional beer, women rehearsing some songs that I assumed they will present in the reception and the page boys conversing. I went round saying hi to the respective groups before proceeding to the house. The air was filled with different aromas of traditional dishes; from roasted meat, deep fried chicken to chocolate cake. I was already feeling hungry.

I went to my best friend’s (Peter) room and found him looking at his reflection on the mirror as he did his tie. We greeted each other by hugging. By the look on his face, I could tell that he has a bit anxious and therefore I tried to calm him down. We sat on his bed and reminded him about his dreams when we were in high school. Fifteen years down the line, the one thing that has eluded his all those years was about to be struck off the list. From the story, I was able to see that he had calmed down and his mind was at rest. According to the time that indicated that it was 10:30am, I rushed him out of the house since we were required to be in the church in an hour’s time. I said a little prayer asking God to pave the way and let the traffic is present disappear. To my disbelief, therewas traffic but luckily, it was moving. It took us about forty minutes to reach the church’s compound where we found quite a number of people waiting for the ceremony to begin. No sooner had we got out the vehicle than the bride’s escort vehicle arrived. This was at about11:10am. She wore an amazing white silk dress that hag a blend of cream and pink at the sides. Her make-up was to detail, not overdoing or underdoing her beauty. She was like a fairy tale princess with her white diamond like heels. She walked elegantly to the steps of the church entrance.

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“Let’s go,” I told Peter.

He walked up to her soon to be wife and gave her a peck on the cheek. The wedding song filled the air as the couple walked up to the altar. The pastor was already there waiting to commence the wedding. The unification of the couple was to take one hour. As the pastor said that Peter may kiss the bride, the church was filled with shouts of joy and songs. As the groom and bride walked out of the church, they were filled with profound joy to the point of dancing seriously to the tunes that filled the air. We proceeded to the back yard of the church to have the wedding photos. The scenery was breathtaking. The fountain was quite the site. As water shot up, it formed a small rainbow due to the sun’s reflection. We took a lot of pictures to hold the memory of the day.

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We proceeded to the reception that was being held at Peter’s compound. All manner of delicacies were there. The delicacies included meat, vegetables, fruits and deserts. People lined up to take their food to their respective tables. After the meals, there were songs presented to the bride and groom by children and the elderly people. The couple even proceeded to the podium and sang a duet to commemorate their big day. As nightfall approached, the guests proceeded to give the newlyweds gifts as they left for their respective homes.

What a ceremony that was!

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