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The Unreliable Narrator

Last Wednesday my husband took me to the supermarket to buy wedding anniversary gifts during our fifth wedding anniversary. A few years had passed without us taking time to reflect on this very important occasion of our family union because of work commitments and other family obligations, which we could not avoid. Prior to the actual day, my husband requested me to make a list of what I wanted to buy on this special day. I sat pensively and drafted a list of what I felt, would always remind me of this occasion. Indeed, I made several lists because; every time I settled on an item I quickly changed my mind whenever I thought that item was not very necessary.

Eventually, I settled on a tight fitting black suit and brown stockings. I made the decision based on a personal experience after watching one my office colleagues appear like a princess charming in that kind of attire. I love this kind of attire so much that I would do anything to get it. When this opportunity presented itself, I could not hesitate any further, my dream had to be fulfilled. Afterwards, I presented the list to my husband three days prior (Monday), and he too was delighted with the choice of clothes I had made.

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On the material day which happens to be my husband’s day off work, we set out at around nine o’clock in the morning and drove to town. I hoped of buying the presents quickly so that I could return home as soon as possible to proceed with the preparation of the celebration.

Immediately we got into town we went to the first boutique, a beautiful cloth line stocked with ladies garments of all colors, shapes, materials, and sizes. My husband and I went to the shelf where the suits were hanged neatly. I walked around, and made my choices, each time ensuring that I got the best bargain. The first suit was an Italian, small fitting, black colored silk suit. The cloth was flattering but the color never pleased me as I had thought before. We moved to the next shelf where we found the same brand; however, its blue color did not please me so I dismissed this outfit out rightly. This angered my husband, who believed that I had got the best design at this boutique. Nonetheless, I stood my ground and urged my husband to take me to the next boutique where I could buy the type of suit I wanted. In fact, I did not even bother to check the kind of stockings that were on sale at this particular shop. My husband agreed, albeit reluctantly, and we were soon headed to the next boutique in town. As were driving, I saw a woman wearing the same kind suit I wanted. Her suit loosely fitted in her body and she was not beautiful in it. I was so discouraged with this kind of suit; I felt that I was not going to be unique because many people had bought the out fit. I was never going to be the talk of the office. As we made our way into the shop, I regretted having made the decision to buy this attire.

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Nevertheless, I had to buy the suit since my husband had fallen into love with it. I decided not to go straight to the shelves where the suits were hanging. Instead, I went to the stockings corner where I bought this brown stocking I had seen before. It was so lovely that it matched my descriptions. I smiled as we headed to the suites corner but inside me I wrenched with anger at the sight of the old type suits. Thereafter, I purchased the black fitting suit in this shop because I did not want to disappoint my husband. I wished I had chosen a good type of suit because I realized I had not made a good choice for the type of suit. Otherwise my choice of stockings was superb.

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