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Faulty Logic Reasoning

Logic reasoning refers to the ability to solve a problem or an argument using established facts or known observations. Proper logical reasoning enables individuals to distinguish between correct and incorrect information for the purposes of judgment and decision making. Therefore, faulty logic reasoning is the inability to strategically solve problems using logic reasoning. Faulty logical reasoning depends on feelings and biases to make critical decisions rather than facts. The quality of arguments and reasoning perspectives are notably influenced by logic reasoning.

However, it is not unusual to encounter instances of faulty logical thinking. An example is over-generalization of situations. This is the tendency to make an extensive claim based on a single case or event, ignoring important evidence and details (Damer & Edward, 2008). For instance, a researcher may carry out a simple study and find out that girls in a certain class do not perform well in mathematics. The researcher then goes ahead and pontificates that all girls are generally poor in mathematics. The researcher has generalized his findings from a smaller group of girls in a class to all girls. It is therefore incorrect to argue that all girls are poor in mathematics based on these findings. This is faulty logic thinking. To evade overgeneralization and validate this statement, the researcher could carry out a study among all girls and safely conclude based on the findings.

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Living in a world where a lot of information is communicated on matters concerning education, religion, economics and politics, it is critical to take time and evaluate the information we receive. We should ensure that the decisions we make are based on facts and proven observations. Faulty logical reasoning will lead to wrong arguments and ultimately wrong decision-making.

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