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Truman Show

According to the movie The Truman Show, Truman Burbank leads a life full of joy, though he does not know that his life is a false one. He is not aware that his life is a subject of the reality show in the Television series since his birth. He is not aware that he is a star and that the home town where he stays in a massive set piece and that all the people that are living around him, his neighbors and friends are all actors who play a specific role in the popular Television series, in the whole world. He is an ordinary person living a normal life in a normal town.

Truman's father who is an irresponsible TV-producer, named Christof, is the one who made up the show in which he focuses on the life of the poor Truman. Truman has been living his entire life, long before his birth in front of the cameras of Truman Show, even though he is not aware. His life filmed through various cameras hidden full time during the day and night and showed live all over the world. This gives an opportunity to the producer Chistof to express his genuine emotions and his behavior when he is in different situations.

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Truman hometown is a set built under a vast dome and the shows actors and other crewmembers inhabit it, which gives the producer a chance to control all aspects of Truman's life. He is able to control all the environmental conditions including even the weather conditions. To ensure that Truman does not discover his identity the producer has devised ways of instilling fear in him. The producer uses the death of his father while fishing to instill in him the fear of water and makes many reports and advertisements about the dangers of travelling. He also achieves this through featuring television shows the goodness of staying at home.

Despite of this control, Truman shows unexpected behaviors such as falling in love with Sylvia instead of the actor intended to be his wife Merly. Though Sylvia is removed from the set quickly, he still has memories of her. He even thinks of her outside his marriage with Merly. Sylvia started a Free Truman campaign to have Truman removed form the show.

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During the Thirtieth year of the show, Truman discovers that he seemed to be out of place for instance the spotlight from the artificial sky, constellations, and crew conversation from a radio in his car that was describing his morning commute to work. All this events made real by the reappearance of his father who was supposedly dead. All these events caused Truman to start wondering about his life. His marriage to Merly unraveled due to his continued skepticism and hostility towards her. When he seeks to leave, he contained by the inability to access any means of travelling. After their marriage breaking the producer brings Truman's father to show to convince him to stay but this could not work he started to isolate himself. He managed to escape via a secret tunnel and started sailing away using a boat. The effort of stopping him was all futile and as he recovers, the boat pierced the sky and, exposed the blue skies. With an effort to persuade him to stay, he refused and stepped to the real world to reunite with Sylvia. With the crew ordered to ceases transmission, the show completed.

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In a psychological interpretation, Truman is analyzed as a typical adolescent who feels trapped in a familiar social world, which he tries to identify with it unsuccessfully. After his awareness, he leaves and, he is seen as an authentic man, who leaves his child self and becomes a true man. A form of Utopia created in Truman's life achieved because there is a limited entryway into his life. He does not belong to this world but his fears could not allow him to leave. People in Truman's world is like minded to make his world a reality. All the dreams of Truman and all his wishes made a reality, to keep him ignorant, happy, and content.

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