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Cofers Essay

We as human being make ethical choices that vary in our daily lives. Examples of choices that we might make include honesty, giving a helping hand to the needy, forgiving those who wrongs against us among others. These ethical choices are greatly influenced by our thinking. Critical thinking is essential so as to allow an individual make sound decisions that might not hinder his or her activities in the near future. Cofer's essay is divide into four sections, which includes understanding the ethical issues at hand, decision making process based on various issues, approaches towards decision making and accountability of the decisions we make.

Based on the fact that ethical choices are made on daily occasions in our lives, it is very crucial to critically analyze the ethical issue at hand. Scrutiny on such issues should be undertaken carefully so as to let us know if the choices we make do agree with our morality. An example citing honesty as the best policy is given in this book. Honest is always a stepping stone on your way towards success. A honest person can be described as the one doing things in the way they are required to be done and truthfully.

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When it comes to making decisions, it is essential to critically thing about them. In the process of thinking, a person is not only able to present the relevant solutions in writings but also verbally. Thinking on critical issues is enhanced by following some simple steps. This includes listening, analytical thinking on the spoken words, and finally writing persuasive papers on the emerging issues (Anderson & Runciman, pp 227-368).

Accountability covers up for the last section in Cofer's essay. A person given a responsibility of making decisions should be fully accountable for the decisions made. One should be in a better position to explain the criteria used to arrive at any conclusions made. It is from point that the feeling of being accepted emerges. This is why Judith Ortiz Cofer's brings out the issue of, 'The story of my body', in her essay.

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