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Since my Childhood

I have always wanted to be an accessory designer. Since my childhood, I liked to conceptualize, develop and create designs of pieces of jewelry, handbags, gloves, scarves, hats, belts and the other items used to compliment clothing. In fact, I made my first hat from raffia when I was only five years old. Though it was a simple hat, I still remember how my skills astounded my parents and friends. From then on, I started making belts, handbags, scarves, knitted sweaters, jewelry and all things than I fancied. Many visitors to our home bought my items. My parents also took some items to the local market. The proceeds from my accessories supplemented my parent’s income and also ensured that I never lacked pocket money.

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I graduated from high school in 1988. My parents, both of them in the culinary business, could not afford to take me to college because of economic hardships. I was the eighth born of ten children, a fact that made life hard for my family. After I had graduated from high school, my parents requested me to join them in the culinary business. They argued that the income I generated from my accessories was rather little. In addition, competition had become stiff in the market as many companies had ventured in the accessory business. As a result, I started my apprenticeship in culinary. I quickly learned the art of cooking and even begun coming up with new recipes. One of my new recipes, which my parents christened corn meal, became a favorite of the entire town. After two years, I left my parents’ culinary business and moved to Texas to start my own business. My culinary business specialized in innovative recipes including African and Chinese cuisine. Though the business was remarkably successful, I felt that this was not where my heart belonged.

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Apart from accessories and culinary, I have always had a profound love for music. In my childhood, I used to write songs; some of which were even used by the school choir. I can also play the guitar, piano and the accordion. What may be surprising is that I learned to play all these instruments on my own. This explains my decision to become a music promoter after leaving the culinary business. I used the money I had saved from my culinary business to traverse the whole of Texas in search of music talents. I discovered many talents that I brought to the lime light. One such talent was Justin Bieber, who I encouraged to put his music on YouTube. However, I viewed music promotion as more of charity than business.

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It is during one of my music promotions that my knack for designing accessories was reignited. I had taken one of my young musicians for makeup in preparation for a video shooting. I did not like the belt, hat, scarf and jewelry that my musician was supposed to wear. I asked the person in charge of makeup to change the accessories, but he declined. He said that the belt, hat, scarf and jewelry were the most current and outstanding in the market. To me, these accessories could not even match the ones I had made when I was five years old. I then realized that somebody was not doing his/her job. That “somebody” was me. I decided to go back to my calling of an accessory designer.

A childhood friend of mine, Silvia Braithwaite, recently graduated with a degree in accessory designing in your institution. She advised me that it was good if I added professionalism to my talent. She mentioned your institution as the best to make me a professional accessory designer. I also discovered that you were still accepting applications for the course.

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I understand that the training to be an accessory designer is remarkably rigorous and challenging. However, my life experience as told above should tell you that I easily transform challenges to opportunities. Besides, being an adult learner, I believe that I am wise to know what I want in life. Among my many skills and abilities that will help me succeed in this program are an exemplary eye for details, strong determination, success-driven, excellent designing skills, computer literacy, outstanding marketing and advertising skills, leadership skills, outstanding creativity, and ability to come up with low-budget quality designs. I also believe in team work and intrinsic motivation. Kindly allow me to be among the few African American accessory designers by giving me a chance to join your institution.

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