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This Semester

At the beginning of this semester, I was confused and did not know where to go and how to manage my time to study and time to hang out with friends. As time went by, I found out all that I needed to do was to make a schedule for everything, including studying and going out with friends. Actually, this semester I had quite a busy schedule as I had been deeply involved in many useful activities, all of which required my personal input. I have worked hard, and now I am very pleased to have successfully tackled all my work and assignments. I loved being involved in both individual and corporate activities. This included searching for amicable and appropriate solutions to different problems that were present in my daily tasks.

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I enjoyed all of my classes. They all were very interesting and informative, and I was lucky I got great teachers. They really made classes fun and easy. The classes and assignments posed many positive challenges that broadened my scope of thinking. My mind was comprehensively involved in seeking answers to my immediate surroundings, which actually advanced my learning. It was a very absorbing semester that left me very busy all through. Moreover, anything posing challenges and provoking me to think became my main point of interest. I tried to reach maximum satisfaction in any activity done this semester, which always came with the effective tackling of every my assignment.

I am sure that next semester will bring on much more, and that is why I am planning to return next semester. That is why I am longing to come back to college. With the experience that I got from this semester, I can imagine what next semester holds in store for me. I believe, there will be much more to be learnt when studying resumes next semester, especially having had such a wonderful experience this semester. There is no reason as to why I should not return to college next semester. In fact, there is every reason to avail myself of studying next semester.

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