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Life's Circumstances

I have been through a lot since my childhood, have been through good times and tough times too. Gradually I developed my humble, kind and respectful beginning from you. Whenever I felt lost you perfectly showed me the way. You also shared my sorrows, my dreams and my joy. Throughout my childhood and into my teenage life, your endless love still lasts. You have provided me with a family free from abuse and oppression and this has really boosted by confidence in life. You have geared all your efforts towards enriching my happiness and joy in all the experiences of life, good or worse. When I lost my closest friend through an accident, you gave me hope and relieved my pain. Many blamed me for his death, and conspired to see me locked up in jail, but you alone stood up with me. Deep in your hearts you knew I cannot kill nor harm anybody, and that still remains to be true.

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Throughout the court process, you assured me of your love, care and support. At school and in my neighborhood, my peers deserted me for the rumors they heard about me, some even went ahead and called me a murderer. But this did not change who I was and still is. Your perfect teachings to respect and to never think evil on other people gave me strength to persevere. You have continually conspired in my favor and never gave up on me even when I almost turned away from you. Now that the court finally declared my innocence on my friend’s death, we shared my victory together. I don’t know how I can ever repay you for the good things you’ve done in my life. Sacrificing everything for my current and future sake, made me reach where I am now. Dad, mom, my sister, thank you for who you are in my life, may God shower his mercies and grace upon you and your lives now and forever.

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