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Letter of Intent

Architecture has always been my big passion in life. It started years ago when I was a little boy tirelessly erecting structures and tiny villages from Lincoln Logs and Legos. Every piece of the puzzle had its structural purpose (staircase, roofing, and window parts) and came in multiple shapes and colors, which I then combined into bizarre stylistic compositions – there was my house on the left, my garage just next to it on the right, and my own Lego factory a little behind, in the corner. For hours, with tranquility and fascination, I could watch my dad as he wired buildings in our cozy neighborhood. My neighbors would never miss a chance to have my dad on another architectural project for their homes – he was the best, no doubt. As I was growing older, I began to question what I saw – I wanted to know what the architect’s inspiration was – the reason for choosing the style, plan, and overall architectural setting. All those perplexing childish mysteries had not vanished over time but made me think of them even deeper.

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When the time had come, I went after what was cool and fashionable: I entered a business school hoping someday to toil over the bottom line of some corporate monster and make a lot of money. I studied hard and excelled in the prescribed courses in economics, management, and finance, dreaming to become a next Bill Gates or, at least, a humble CEO. I was satisfied with what I had and what I hoped for, albeit in a way, I always felt something was missing from my curriculum. I wanted to experience, to learn, to build, not just count money. It felt as if the “stylish” business administration needed to be somehow embedded with the solid Lego structure, like in the past. The solution flashed upon me when I worked in the Highland Center in Monterey balancing on the fine line between business and landmark architecture. I managed to secure a $480 k loan for construction of an Agriculture Center and meat processing facility for the local community. That was exactly where it clicked together! I finally figured how to combine my skills in business administration with the childhood passion for building things. What if I used my managerial talents to have the corporate, residential, or community structures rise proudly over my town?

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To say is one thing – to do is quite another. I needed knowledge and skill in architecture to be able to tell if I could make a difference or it was the right field for me in the first place. I started from taking my electives from the UVA School of Architecture: I did History of Architecture (ancient, medieval, and modern), Lessons of the Lawn, and Thomas Jefferson architecture, among others. I loved them all and managed to finish in the top of my class. My probing curiosity had instantly grown into that “aha” feeling that you know you have found your niche. I am particularly interested in the American architecture of the 17-19th centuries, its developments and fragmentations. It is, indeed, thrilling to behold the unforgotten and unnoticed structures in the American landscape – the barn, the shed, the storage building... In Virginia, where most of the country’s architecture originated – the Virginia Colony, Jamestown, Williamsburg, Mount Vernon, Monticello, Montpelier, and so on – the story of the great people is in our own backyards and we need to understand and preserve it. I also hold an intense interest in the vernacular architecture of agrarian societies, nomadic and permanent, and how they customized construction to accomplish their tasks – farm, live, and defend themselves. Various architectural creations for community, its economic, cultural, or military purposes have always mesmerized my creative and analytical mind. The turning events at the Highland Center and positive impressions from the courses in architectural history have prompted me to leash my trendy ambitions in business and enclose them with some architectural foundation. That is how I made the decision to transfer.

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I am deeply convinced that the UVA School of Architecture has a fertile environment wherein I could continue my growth in line with my future aspirations. The renowned faculty and wide research expertise of the School makes its Bachelor’s program in Architectural History one of the most prestigious in the U.S. I am especially looking forward to being able to work with Dr. Richard Guy Wilson, a true expert in the area of research that I want to pursue. I have already taken some courses from Dr. Wilson and would love to write my advanced paper on 17-19th century architecture under his counsel as well. Should my candidacy be successful, I will diligently undertake the rest of the program’s coursework showing the best of my assiduousness and creativity to benefit your School and fulfill myself professionally.

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Thomas Jefferson once said, “In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.” Coming back to the conversation of style and structure, I am not going to give up on my business education forever. By the end of this academic year, I will have obtained my Certificate in Accounting, hoping to also earn an MBA and be a CEO as planned. However, my MBA will be useless without solid knowledge of the principles of architecture that I want to study at your School. I do need architectural history to work for a business that helps preserve historic landmarks. It will likely be my own “Lego” company specializing, among other things, in restoring our nation’s architectural pride. At one point, my plan to transfer was in jeopardy: I had to withdraw from two courses this semester and take care of my father, who had been injured in a severe accident. Luckily, things got back on track and I am now prepared to push forward with the architectural dream that my father had instilled in me back in the day.

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