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Self Analysis

One of the main characteristics about me is that I am caring and very compassionate. Apart from my love for other people, I love animals and have over the years acquired different pets. I am also the kind of person who takes a stand and will always make decisions and judgments based on impulse. Whenever I feel that my actions will somehow affect the outcome of a certain situation, I always act immediately disregarding the positive and the negative effects of my actions on the situation.

My social life is practically very involving. I am the kind of person who is very outgoing and gets along with people. I make new friends very easily and it does not come as a surprise that most people in both my school and neighborhood know me. Another thing about me is that it takes me a while to trust people. This works as both an advantage and disadvantage to me considering the fact that sometimes I even go to the extent of not trusting close friends and family members. In general I value my friends and family. I always make people feel that they can count on me but whenever I feel that my trust and good nature is abused, I don’t hesitate to let it be known.

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In my life, different psychological theories have contributed to the characteristics that determine who I am. The social cognitive theory of morality has helped my decision making in the sense that I am able to act on impulse. Morally, I can be able to view the ethical approach of a situation but I don’t take long before acting on a situation. The social cognitive theory of morality is also responsible for my not trusting people.

Object relations theory is another theory that has build on the characteristics that define me in the sense that my outgoing nature is as a result of this. Objects relations theory affects among other things such as consistent emotional closeness and stability in relationships with significant others.

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Humanistic psychology on the other hand helps me choose on the most important issues affecting my life. I am able to evaluate the most pressing matters and be able to deal with difficult situations in an effective manner. This theory also helps me understand that I am a person of great potential and that my characteristics are what define me and help realize self actualization.

Psychoanalysis also known as the Freudian therapy tends to bridge the gap between the conscious and the unconscious self which at times affects individual characteristics. Personally, this therapy would somewhat explain why I am not able to trust people easily and whether that character was as a result of a past occurrence. By lying on the couch and talking to someone about my past would undoubtedly explain the source of some of the characteristics that define who I am. This therapy would be very effective in that I am the kind of person who does not hide secrets despite the fact that I don’t trust people easily.

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Aversion therapy is the kind of therapy that involves aversive stimulus that elicits undesirable response or action all with an aim of making an individual stop a particular habit. Personally whenever I feel betrayed, I always let the person responsible know. This is in total disregards of my actions on the person. However, this therapy would help me understand how an individual feels as a result of my actions. The effectiveness of this therapy is that I would internalize and exactly put myself on other people’s shoes and be able to comprehend the actual feeling of my behavior.

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