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Persons Living With HIV/Aids

HIV and AIDS is one of the world disasters. Currently the number of HIV and AIDS Victims is significantly large. Aids victims undergo numerous challenges in society today. This is because some society’s up to date still considers those infected with the virus as social misfits (Aday, 2003). However, the overall challenge to this vulnerable group has been declining compared to earlier cases, where treatment of AIDS victim was very inhuman. This resulted from lack of information about the cause of the virus, and as a result, the early victims were secluded from the population at large (Arrow, 2009). Dramatic action has been done by educating the masses about the causes of the disease, and ways of protecting oneself from possible infection. In addition, numerous scientific inventions, for example, development of anti-retroviral therapy to boost the immune system of the patient to assist lengthening the victim’s life spun have affected positively in improving the social of welfare of aids’ victims (Betancourt, Green, Carrillo, & Ananeh-Firempong, 2003).

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HIV and AIDS victims all over the world receive less attention; this is because they lack fair treatment due to discrimination and society views them as condemned.

Age is one of the demographic variables that explain the variation of the HIV prevalence rates in the world. HIV infection rate varies according to ages; this is because of variation of sexuality as age changes. For example, the youth form the group that is sex active. This age group is most prevalent to HIV infection (Bocanegra & Gany, 2004). The prevalent rate is even higher in among the youth for lack of exercising safe sex. This is the case for the youths who indulge into unprotected sexual activities. Married people also form another age group. Research has found that HIV infection is high in married coupes. Unfaithfulness among married couples is one of the explanations for an increase in the infection rate among couples. Due to lack of use of protective, such as condoms during sexual intercourse, having multiple partners puts the parts into a grater risk of infection. Finally, HIV infection in new born babies and young people results mostly from transmission from mother to child. Majority of the young generation derived their infection from their parents (Bodenheimer, 2009). HIV infection in young people creates a lifelong problem. Since, they are still young and thus cannot support themselves but need assistance from grown up people. However, advancement in technologies has made it possible to prevent the transmission of the virus from mother to the child (FT Press science series, 2010).

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Gender disparities explain for the vulnerability of more women than men to HIV infection. This is a common phenomenon in developing countries especially in Africa, where women are most disadvantaged group in society. Research indicates that females are more vulnerable to HIV infection compared to men; this is because during sexual intercourse women have large surface area exposed to new infection as compared to their male counterpart (Falola & Heaton, 2007).

Income and education of individual explains the difference in the level of HIV infection and the impact of the disease to the infected. Individual level of education in most cases varies directly with the level of income. The higher level of education that one has, the higher the income that one will earn, and the lower the education the lower the corresponding income. However, this fails to represent some of the cases (Lashley & Durham, 2009). Some people have been compelled to indulge in risk sexual activities because of desire to get money. Lack of enough income is the cause of compromise of individual to risk sexual demands to meet their needs. Income level of an individual is helpful in mitigation of the pains and dangers of the HIV infection. This is because rich people get access to modern medication that is useful in mitigation of the pains of infection. On the other hand, poor HIV victims due to their limited financial back up may fail to gain access even to the basic medication exposing them further to dangers of HIV infections (James, Race, Ethnicity, and Healthcare.).

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The different demographic factors discussed above if not addressed it may lead massive loss of human capital through death of the working force, or deterioration of the infected health status of the victims rendering them incapable in providing labor for economic development. Income inequalities among individual is crucial for consideration. This is because variation in the income level at some point will render some individual incapable in accessing the health services (James, This will increase the mortality rate of individual suffering from HIV infection, but cannot find facilities that will help in the mitigation of the HIV dangers. Therefore, various social programs, especially health programs meant to provide health services for all, are crucial in the elimination of the income gap and the improvement of health status of the population. The government needs to invest in health, to ensure improved health of the nation by tackling issues relating to mortality rate, and morbidity. It should subsidize medicine since income and education of individual explains the difference in the level of HIV infection and the impact of the disease to the infected. Finally, this will improve the health of the country’s human resource for improved economic development. In addition, addressing the issues touching the vulnerable group will improve their welfare by improving their living standards thus increasing the growth happiness index of the nation at large (Falola & Heaton, 2007).

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