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Peter: Oprah, the problem discussed in “Dead Poets Society” is self-selection way of life, the victory of man over the circumstances, the theme of friendship and betrayal, conflict between generations is not an exhaustive list of issues raised in the film. The awakening of the human "I" in the desert socially acceptable life scenarios will always be in conflict with the social unit. The function of personality itself is in self-preservation and permanent self-resurrection, the function of society is similar, but a means to achieve the latter - the same person, leveled to the level of the instrument. In the picture there is no hero, who would win this fight.

Will: Well, as for me, senior classes, the loss of virginity - is there anything funnier in the world? Clearly, when this happens to you, you do not think it over, but that later - is another matter. When we were making "Easy A", we clearly understood that were matured enough to retroactively laugh at own adolescent ordeals from the heart. Otherwise we would never have happened to make this such an elegant, intelligent and very witty movie.

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Peter: The genre of my film is drama. The perception of drama is different in that half of the movie instead of popcorn munching audiences own snot. But critics are beginning to wrestle with - which is more in the film, chalk, or drama (Palmer, 2010). The basic principle of melodrama is that the protagonists feel bad at a time, and not all in a heap. Therefore, from the director requires uncommon idiocy, to reconcile the irreconcilable, and squeeze out a tear at the appropriate time (Lehman, 2003). Not before and not later. By the way, for suffering, the expression on the face of the actor and male tears mean you can use the clothespin, clings to the right place at the right time.

Will: Actually, I decided to shoot a comedy, because I think that there is enough negative moments in everyday routine and being an artist, I have to bring smiles and happy moments into our lives. Comedy is the art of making a film so that the viewer will ride at their own popcorn. It is therefore important for the director - to calculate the pause between bouts of laughter. To funny episode was enough, and the viewer can be laughing all the movie long. It is best to stick to the principle of "a most strawberry - for dessert," gradually increasing "knockdown" of jokes and funny situations (Parks, 2012).

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Peter: Characters of my film are very different. Treacherously broke the resistance of social norms personal perception of the world, building a clumsy in his own image and likeness. Losing, or a person included in this scheme, either through suicide (physical, like the character of Robert Sean Leonard, or spiritual - as Robin Williams’ character) is eliminated from it all.

Will: "Easy A" was invented as a whole much more intelligent than people on average in the House at the school comedies - and with her ambitions, of course, needed a suitable girl for the lead role. She was found. Emma Stone was a wonderful decoration for the film. Stone did not try to make her character perfect - Olive is lying, mistaken, confused, stupid, and does fit wherever should not have, not counting with its own forces. But all that it does so honestly and charming that it is impossible to resist. In addition, she is soloist with the support of a very strong ensemble cast.

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Peter: Carpe diem! - Catch a moment! This can be the motto of the film. With the advent of a new school literature teacher (a former graduate, by the way), this phrase becomes a rule of life of students. Their lives will change and they will never be the same. Each student is different, special. But all share one thing - taking part in a secret club - Dead Poets Society. However, this is not just a club of poetry - something more. The new teacher is Professor Keating - no less interesting. His manner of teaching is different from the rest ... The way he manages to arouse students interest in poetry, - unbelievable. He makes no, does not make - it helps even the slow learners to reveal. This teacher is a key figure. The ending is open ... everyone imagines personally what happened after. Someone took off from school ... (the fact of the meeting of a society at an elite school seemed terrifying, and walking at night with flashlights in the unknown cave) will be someone, perhaps someone has put up, and without a catalyst, which was nice for the company, Mr. Keating again begin to live for a career ... But there are those who will never forget these lessons. Although all the good and ends, in front of - faith, love and life...

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Will: Regular excellent student Olive studies at school. She has a best friend, which she once refused an invitation to dinner to her parents, rather strange people, and says he goes on a date. From the first minutes is shown pressing issue lies, and it is clear that lying is not to good causes. Olive, in the presence of others blurted out that she slept with a guy. Rumors fly immediately to the school. She likes guys all just talk about it and because it is now a prostitute home school. Thanks to the wonderful game of Emma Stone and would like to sympathize with her character. Indescribably played her "Easy Virtue", which only simulated sex scene is worth it! But still, of course, grows into a habit. Olive helps guys be cool, saying only that she had spent the night with them! But, by the way today these situations a lot. The only one who understands it - a little "is not in itself 'parents in an excellent performance of Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson. That would be me such parents. The most ridiculous character, perhaps, is Marianne - a religious fanatic who will not tolerate sin. This role is suited to it one hundred percent. I cannot mention Lisa. A scene where she repeats the phrase is not very culturally out fun, and it changes the nature of cheer as well. Among other things, too, manages to Olive commit such deeds, that you never dreamed of! Peter: The screenplay deserves special mention. It is, frankly speaking, filigree. Such clarity and thoughtful creation of the characters, scenes and plot I have not seen for a long time. In the tape there is nothing superfluous - everything stems from one another, complementing each other and loss. Dialogues though scarce, but because of them the picture is full of vivacity and intelligence. "Oscar" in the nomination has been received well deserved.

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Peter: The screenplay deserves special mention. It is, frankly speaking, filigree. Such clarity and thoughtful creation of the characters, scenes and plot I have not seen for a long time. In the tape there is nothing superfluous - everything stems from one another, complementing each other and loss. Dialogues though scarce, but because of them the picture is full of vivacity and intelligence. "Oscar" in the nomination has been received well deserved.

Will: It is clear that, ultimately, the essence of "Easy A" boils down to education through the familiar maxim, "Be yourself, and come what may." But where the other school and children's films measured beat the viewer over his forehead a cardboard placard with this appeal, "Easy A" presents this idea, as if dancing on tiptoe, fun and elegant. As for the inclusion of "Easy A" in the classic comedy of school too early to say yet - after all, as at one point she says Olive, "the director of my story is not exactly John Hughes". But at the level of everyday existence of the genre, "Easy A" is a real monolith.

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Peter: Overall, the picture of the “Dead Poets Society” is very British. Lifestyle of the New England College, scenery, acting in the best traditions of the English school of the theater – all was depicted in a classic traditional style, typical for the "Albion". The mere difference (which, incidentally, is typical of many people from Australia and New Zealand) - the ability for limited English background in visual media to show the brightness and color identity of the hero, his character and life. Style highlights film, as noted above, which is just the game on the contrast of a picture and acting and screenplay component.

Will: Actually, my film looks as a diary of a high-school girl which tries to overcome difficulties in her life. My film is very American and easy to watch, leaving a good aftertaste after watching it.

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