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The World Cup


When Italy lifted the FIFA World Cup in the year 2006 every football fanatic had to wait for four long years in order to watch the next edition of the World Cup. The latest edition of the World Cup was very well organized by South Africa. The fans had no trouble in moving around from one place to another. The stadiums were in fantastic condition and football fanatics like me could not have asked for more. Watching the World Cup live had always been a dream of mine, I had an opportunity to live this dream and I grabbed it with both hands. Tandie a very good friend of mine invited me over to South Africa to witness the greatest sporting spectacle on Earth. Many intriguing details of my escapade will be thrown light upon in the following parts of the paper.

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The plane landed at the Johannesburg airport after 16 long hours, I was completely exhausted and my feet were refusing to take my load. All my problems did not last for long, I was ecstatic to see my friend Tandie after a really long time. Tandie’s appearance had completely changed, he had become a man and stood over 6 feet tall. He took me home in his Audi A7 and I was really excited upon seeing his car. The music that he played in his car was as good as his car. The Jetlag was taking a toll on my body but I knew there was much to look forward to.

The World Cup got underway; I was really excited to see the atmosphere in the stadium. Argentina locked horns with Nigeria on 12th of June; I was in the stadium to witness this greatest sporting spectacle. Being an African I was hoping for a Nigerian victory, the match kicked off and as expected the Argentines started building pressure on the Nigerians. The Nigerians could only resist the pressure for 5 minutes; a corner headed in by Gabriel Heinza gave the Argentines an inspired start. Lional Messi an amazing soccer player was the orchestrator and he dictated the play for the remaining 40 minutes of the first half. He gave close to scoring on several occasions only to be denied by Vincent Enyeama who was in the form of his life. The match ended 1-0 in the favor of the Argentines, I was a little disappointed but I knew that the other teams I supported will indubitably do well. I was very happy with the way Ghana performed in the World Cup; they beat Serbia in their opening game and progressed to the Quarter Finals of the FIFA World Cup. They had one foot in the semi-finals but Suarez played spoiled sport and because of a few unfortunate events the Ghanaians were knocked out. After watching 4 games live I had lived my dream. After staying in South Africa for a little over two weeks, I flew back to the US. This was an experience of a lifetime; it will always give me jitters when I go on a trip down memory lane in future.

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Visitors from almost all the corners of the world flocked in to support their team; some went home frustrated while some others had the time of their lives. There is no bigger competition in soccer than the FIFA World Cup and the stakes were as expected much higher than ever. The tournament also became very popular because the fans used a noisy instrument called Vuvuzelas. The word has even been added to the dictionary, it is a very cacophonous instrument which hampered communication between the players on the field. It had repercussions off the field as well; a few players could not sleep properly in their team hotel because the fans incessantly kept blowing this instrument. The teams who reached the World Cup must consider themselves very lucky; qualifying is a very arduous process. Not all the teams get an opportunity to play in this spectacle. The Mexican fans wore their traditional dress and most of them were really colorful, the outfit worn by other fans was also really interesting to see. The Dutch fans always wore an orange color outfit; this was because their team wore orange on the field. There were no clashes and everything was conducted really well, the organization of this grand event was impeccable. There were several security concerns before this tournament kicked off but the South African police did an amazing job. All in all it was a grand success and it was an experience of a lifetime for me. Meeting Tandie after four long years was another very important event. It was a very successful trip to South Africa. The next World Cup is in Brazil, I hope Tandie and I can watch a few matches together. I look forward to it with anticipation. 

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