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My Early Morning Run

I walk to my window and open it to look outside \and see what today has in store for me. One look and I cannot help but feel that urge to go outside. The weather is crisp and the bright rays of the sun are forcing their way through the clouds making the sky radiate with passion. I stick my nose outside my window to smell the fresh air that has been coupled with an aura from the trees surrounding my house; it all smells so clean and clear. The ground looks covered up in tiny bits of snow that are melting away by the minute, the trees look like they are in competition with each trying to outdo the other in showing their glowing pine needle like leaves. The mood is so right and every bit of my body feels like jetting outside; because it’s Saturday once again, and as usual I shall take my morning run through my favourite jogging path that is located outside my house.

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As I’m standing outside my wooden ebony door stretching my muscles, I cannot help but wonder at how during the winter in the mountains it feels as though time comes to a stand still. Everything around is so calm and peaceful and for a moment, one may even be tempted to believe the world is still asleep. The animals seem not to feel that the winter is slowly settling in and they are not moved an inch by the cold. In a distance, the birds on the trees do what they do best in the morning; they sing in such beautiful tunes that are just melody to anybody’s ears. I switch on my music player and start my slow run through the paths that lead me to the park. As I run along the path that is located in between the trees, the bright sun is glowing directly in front of me and the rays hit my face with ambiance. A feeling of inner warmth is generated from this; it is as if that is nature’s way of saying good morning to me. On my right side is the ever calm river that is slowly flowing through the trees. It inches along so calmly, slowly gliding over the rocks without creating any form of turbulence and producing a slow hissing sound. The ground is still covered with little layers of snow. There is not a single footprint within sight as I run along and the world feels so fresh. I feel like I have been the first to set foot on it this morning.

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Running past the rocks, they still rest on the same places they were yesterday morning. Small puddles of water can be seen on their surfaces filling the crevasses in a patterned way along their faces. Beside them I notice a lightly coloured brown tree that is fallen. It has been like that for five days now and nobody seems to do anything about it. It is still attached by some small sharks of bark just at its foot that are feasted by yellow pines worms. It has fallen off completely and it lies on the ground looking so lifeless. Its loose leaves have been scattered decoratively on the snow around it and a thick layer has formed on the surface of the tree’s bark. The sun was shining its rays on this snow that covered the top of the tree with some hope of melting it off and maybe giving the tree some life again. But the tree looks as if all life had left it the minute it fell off.

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With every passing minute, the sun continues to light up the sky and melting off the snow on the ground. Running through the trees and a smell of fresh pine and musty water from the snow that is slowly melting hits my nose. Leaves located high up on the trees drip small drops of water that had rested on them. On their way down I can see these drops catching the sun’s rays as they run down the branches to finally rest on the melting snow underneath. My music player goes silent and I remember that I did not charge it the night before. But this does not destroy the awesome morning that I am having. Lucky for me, the air is welcoming and calm enough giving my ears a soft time. In front of me I see a branch hanging from a tree. It hangs directly above the centre of the jogging track almost giving an impression of snake hanging from a tree. Its design gives the view a unique look and this spot has significance as it acts as my cue to stop and have a rest. It is a silent notice to me that I have done two thirds of my run already. I stop for a minute to appreciate this moment that is around me. It is all silent save for the faint birds that are chirping from a distance. The water running on the river beside me dopes so in a calm manner and the wind that is blowing past the trees slowly gives a hissing sound to the air around. Two rabbits speed past me hopping their way into their forest happily. They leave tiny footprints on the snow as they move along. For a person who was not right there at that moment, their footprints could easily pass for a baby that war out so early trotting on the cold snow. The feeling of seeing happy animals every morning generates warmth within me and adds to my morning happiness. Today I saw rabbits, yesterday I saw three squirrels, and I cannot help but wonder what lies in store for me tomorrow. The smell around me feels like it is fading away slowly with each passing minute. The sun ahead of me breaks through the trees with much stronger vigour now as the clouds have dispersed a little bit.

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My rest is over and I continue my run to cover the one third that I am yet to finish. I notice that bare spots are now forming on the ground as the snow melts away slowly. As I take the last turn to head back to my house, the homestretch has got an amazing view. The trees lined along the side of the road look like a mirror image of one another. They all have the same height with just about the same width. The snow covering their leaves gives them a radiating spotty look. As I advance, the birds on the track leap from the ground to the air to escape my approach. I draw closer to the end and I can see the lake beside my house from a distance. The ducks are already taking their swim in the dark brown water making it all messy. I finally get to my house and head straight for the log that is situated next to the lake. I sit down panting for a cool down as I watch the birds that are flying parallel to the water. They are also up early looking for early morning water bugs to feed on. My body is exhausted and I pull out a water bottle that I always place at the side of the log before I run off. As I sip my water, I cannot help but enjoy the scenic view of the turtles and other animals that nestle in the lake as they float alongside the ducks. It has been yet another interesting early morning.

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