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My Family Tree

My grandfather is called Allen Brandon. He lives in Tennessee in the south together with her my grandmother Mrs. Teresa Brandon. My grandfather is tall and has a big moustache that has always been in our family lineage for generations. He is a very strong man and he works in his cotton farm down South. He is a very jovial and friendly man who loves telling stories to mostly his grand children when we visit him. He is also an alcoholic and loves his whiskey very much which she takes at a local pub. He can however get quarrelsome and argumentative when he is drunk.

My grandmother on the other hand has a Mexican ancestry. She has blonde hair and has blue eyes which I think my father took after her. She works together with grandpa at the farm although she was a nurse in her younger years. She is funny and loves pets and therefore keeps five dogs in her backyard which she shares with grandpa. She is gifted in music and sings in a local choir.

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My grandparents have five children which includes my dad. My four uncles all live in different states as my grandfather. My father’s eldest brother is called Mathew Brandon. He moved to Florida when he was only twenty years old. He is a strong and muscular fellow who works at a local shipyard in Florida. He has curly red-hair and green eyes. He is also the one who took after grandpa’s alcoholic behavior and drinks a lot especially during weekends when he is not working.

My other uncle is known as John Brandon. He is a marine with the US army and has been based in Iraq for five years now. He lives with his wife and two children in West Virginia. He is not as tall as my father but has a heavy built like many of my dad’s other brothers. He is a simple man but has a shrewd liking for Caribbean culture.

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The two younger brothers to my dad are my two uncles Caleb and James Brandon. They live together in New York. Caleb is a lawyer with a group in that town while James is a university professor at New York State University. Caleb loves jazz music and plays at a sax at a local restaurant in New York. He is probably the most intelligent man in our family. He has a bald head and also blue eyes just like grandmother. James on the other hand spends most of his time at the university although he sometimes goes oversea for research work mostly in Africa. He is easy-going, very extroverted and chatty. He is the most charming of all my uncles.

My mother has three sisters Jennifer Hudson, Mary Miller and Janet Monroe. They are all married with children. Jennifer stays with her husband in New York where she works as a kindergarten teacher. She has a sharp nose and always makes us laugh when she visits. Mary is in Europe with her husband and two children. Janet is still in college in Memphis. Mom also has one brother Alvin who is studying music overseas. He also plays for a rock band there in Europe.

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My dad is called Allen Junior. He is tall and has dark hair. He has a slight built and wears spectacles. He works at a research center here in California where he works as a technical director where he is very hardworking in his job. My mum is Mrs. Sally Allen. She is a nurse at a local hospital here in California. She has long hair and loves French culture. She is very loving and sociable. She has dark hair and a prominent nose. My name is Arpine and I have one brother called Roman. He is an outgoing person who loves cars and music. He is married and a child, a boy called Osborne. I am in high school here in California. I play football in school and love to party all weekend.My brother runs a taxi business with her wife in Michigan and their only son.

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