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Deconstruction refers to the interpretation of a text not really with the mind of the author’s intent, rather with a subjective approach. The emphasis in this form of reading is never to learn the intended meaning of the author, but rather the subjective interpretation of the reader. Deconstructionism comes in due to the fact that men view things with different perspectives. Chuck Palahniuk in his works evokes numerous instances that that the aspect of deconstructionism is brought out. This paper tends to unearth the abstract location of such scenes in the novel. The ideology that is Fight Club is borne out of controversy surrounding the two main actors. The fight between this two characters resulted in some form of imitation that bore this ideology.

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Deconstruction in Fight Club

After several days of thoughtful analysis of the novel, I’ve come to reach an insightful conclusion. Fight the Club needs to be analyzed only after one has read the novel twice. It needs to be understood and appreciated more than once. I do believe I would not feel the same way if I were to read the novel more and more. The more one reads the book the more the insights that are unveiled.

Fight Club is realistically an anti-society and at the same time anti capitalist but it can not be said to promote violence. We can not rule out the inevitability of literalist endorsing the novel to be pro-violent and with aim of promoting destruction. However an indictment of how our society creates an enabling situation for the violence that is brought out in the novel.

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Alexander Walker is not wrong. Fight Club is indeed anti-society and anti-capitalist. But it is not pro-violence. It is perhaps inevitable that literalists will take the depiction of violence and destruction as an endorsement. However, Fight Club is better characterized as an indictment of how our society creates the preconditions for the type of violence depicted in the film. Fight Club is not a glorification of violence. It is a deconstruction.

Tyler Durden announces to the group consisting of twenty females and over thirty males the first rule of the fight club, "you don't talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is that you don't talk about Fight Club." The novel is controversial in the sense that everyone around is talking of the fight club (Rescher 78). The novelist starts with a call to arms against emasculating consumer culture. It tells us that men’s instinct have been stifled and at the same time diverted to accumulation of more wealth. Tyler says "Things that you own wind up owning you, “He continues by urging the audience to throw away their Pottery Barn catalogs and at the same time urges them not to be willing inhabitants of the Planet Starbucks!

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When it comes to what the story the story sums up from being a, satire, drama, thriller to black comedy. Jack is sleepwalking through life though he is suffering from insomnia. This state put Jack in some form of emotional tension. This forces him to attend to support group meetings to find some emotional release. These meetings make him to get to know Marla Singer and at first site develop hate towards her. He exclaims "I can't cry if there's another faker present!" This hatred that picked up from here has played a great role in bringing up the aspect that is Deconstructionism

When Jack had gone for business meetings, he meets a flamboyant soap salesman-Tyler Durden. Jack moves in to Tyler’s House when his house goes up in flames. The ramshackle house belonging to Durden is in the "toxic waste" part of town. As they interact, a fistfight results in the parking lot and the joys of pain is discovered. Instead of the fighting resulting to break up, it makes the friendship get a stronger. The imitation of Tyler and Jack creates the foundation of the Fight Club. It soon evolves into an underworld organization.

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Fight Club at its peak is such a detailed psychological portrait of a young man that is alienated, dissatisfied and confused. This aspect comes in despite the mayhem involved in the unveiling of the novel. The young man passes the message that is dissimilar from the “open your eyes, and don't snooze through your own life,” from the American beauty. The time for doing what we ought to do in the society is limited hence no time to waste. This has created a society that is in a hurry to creation of wealth (Rescher 69).

The novel also depicts Fight Club as generational statement. As such for one to accept it they must in the beginning be able to accept the characteristics that define the generation. Many of these generations tend to be unreasonable e.g., "They're all hippies!" "They're all slackers!"). However such generations have had formative experiences that are different. This has been brought out through music, art, fears and priorities. This is due to the fact that changing times comes with different challenges. The changing challenges calls for change in tactics towards handling of such challenges,

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Fight club is fantasizing in the way it brings an improbable uprising against the existing powers. While the media and the leaders are always on the forefront of telling us to always know that we are special and that a difference can be made by each of us, Fight Club tells us that all this are just but lies. Tyler announces, "You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. We are all the part of the same compost heap." The existing powers are put on the spot as to what they talk about and the practicability of the same.

There have been allegations of irresponsibility in the unveilings of the novel. However art reflects and has always reflected the society. Art does no bring up violence nor inspire it; rather it talks of the violence as it exists in the society (Booth 82). The novel points out to the violence and the frustration roots that cause people to reach for such radical solutions. The radical solutions only come when the pressure is enough to call for some intervention. A culture that does not check the violence in its society is a culture that is in denial. Such a culture doesn’t deal with the problem but instead they try to avoid the problem. Avoiding or postponing the problem makes the problem to grow worse. The best way of learning and studying the culture of a society is through art.

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Fight Club is a "Generation X" novel. This term is often misused as it refers to people in the group of 24-40 years and those that were born in the post war age. Fight Club however does not have characters depict the state of them being the only generation to have experienced the frustration brought out. Definitely everyone agrees that the novel is certainly accessible to a wide range of age groups and not just those between the ages of 25-40.Thi in a great way deals a big blow to those spreading this allegations.

    “Nothing is static. Even the Mona Lisa is falling apart. Since fight club, I can wiggle half the teeth in my jaw. Maybe self-improvement isn’t the answer … Maybe self-destruction was the answer.” The hypothesis on the virtue of self destruction is well brought out in the novel. The readers’ of the novel rarely take Tyler Durden’s underlying philosophy. With the essence of education to improving oneself, this is a difficult idea to take in (Booth 124).

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Narcissist is contested by Dr Sam Vaknin’s “Malignant Self Love” on the basis that it doesn’t hold any love for him. This is attributed to his life that’s full of illusion and projection. This illusion has played a key role in defining his actions. We can predictably say that he earns the admiration and the confidence of his age mates. Our confidence is said to be highly valued by our insecure culture. For him, he doesn’t really know his potential and therefore does not love himself. Self deconstruction is where the solution lies. Fight club espouses this with the adoption of the policy of enlightment through emptiness.

Winning the war on drugs is not that easy. Hip hop has been used in a manner that promotes the use of drugs. The nation has media which is saturated in the contemporary. We tend to keep quiet in dealing with our own issues such as drugs. When we choose to face them we often deal with it hesitantly.

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Palahniuk writes, “Only after disaster can we be resurrected,” Though not dealing with the exact life changing philosophy, Fight Club still get a few things right.

On Tyler’s take that you only are free to do anything after you’ve lost everything, I do contest this view. I believe that, only after you have realized that for one to improve themselves they must find the true entity that you are ready to go.

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