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The constant evolution of the current world has fascinated me so much. This fascination has in turn played a great deal in influencing my ambition to study International relations as my major and eventually attain my dream career as a Foreign Service officer. This urge to comprehend and explore the foundation and the consequences of up to date and prospective human connections has been there since my secondary school days. The itinerary gives me the opportunity to explore and gain the essential information and knowledge concerning the relations in the world as it tackles issues such as worldwide progress of human rights, sovereignty of states, world’s ecology and the policies employed by individual federal governments with regard to how the policies impact on the dealings of the rest of the world states.

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Further more, my recent field of work as a part-time assistant of my uncle whose profession is an immigrant lawyer, my studying and stay in the United States and China has also enhanced the urge to pursue my majors in international relations. My recent job in my uncle’s law firm as an assistant, deals with the formulation of international policies and analysis. This has presented me with an outstanding opportunity to examine close affiliations among states through far- reaching debates on their policies and analysis concerning numerous diplomats and experts who deal with academics. As a result, my interest in international l relations has been boosted with a rejuvenated concentration on development and harmony topics (Peterson’s pg 76).

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Focusing on immigration difficulties and policies, the analysis of the diverse resolutions to try to resolve the difficulties of migration even further captivated me. Having studied in China enabled me to understand their policies concerning migration and the shift to the United States of America for further studies in English skills enabled me to efficiently relate the policies of the two states. Accounting studies in China present me with the knowledge to deal with financial issues and to understand the economies of the various countries. This knowledge augmented well with my desired major in international relations as I came to learn that to achieve my career as a Foreign Service Officer, I had to be well versed with runnings and development of the economies of the countries.

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While studying at the community college in the United States, I got the opportunity to travel to San Francisco. This trip made me to meet with my friend’s boss who was working for an educational agent in Taiwan. He had graduated with a major in English from Stanford University. The vast knowledge on the relations between Taiwan and the US which he had amassed from the various consultations he had been involved in gave me a more diverse aspect in advancing my major in international relations. He advised me that I should pursue my major in international relations, especially between China and America, which would eventually lead to a career as a Foreign Service officer since I had the experience and knowledge of the policies of the two countries having been educated in them.

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Studying English skills and accounting in the community college brought out clearly the correlation between wealth discrepancies and relationships between the world countries. The inclination of judgment that the lack of wealth in a given state greatly determined how the state related to the others was more defined. The significance of decisive approaches concerning cultural diversity, specifically how they act as a foundation for definite viewpoints affecting several issues such as language played a vital role in international relations as brought out in English skills studies. (Friedman Rose and Friedman Milton pg 89).

All these interest was developed at a very tender age and I applied it throughout my entire education life. I participated in various clubs which enhanced my personal relations with other people and mentored on several occasions. Further more, I participated in sports and staying fit as I engaged in playing tennis with my friends. My hobbies include reading and travelling. Being engrossed in such activities resulted into me getting selected in various student leadership committees. This involvement in friendly associations with other students eventually paid off as I received positive acknowledgements from both the faculty and students and also included honors for outstanding accomplishment.

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Non governmental organizations have a huge influence in the society particularly in providing education and other essential needs. My ambition in studying international relations is that it will empower and present me with the required tools I would need to start an NGO with the aim of improving the state of affairs and prospects of the citizens of several countries while taking action on issues and concerns that are detrimental to the welfare, prospects of the society and circumstances of people as a whole.

In future, I intend to work towards establishing sustainable development and authority in various world countries especially in areas budding from conflict. Your institution, University of California, has a remarkable reputation regarding the courses it offers on international relations. One such course is the UCSD which would be very relevant to my purpose as it would empower me with the indispensable skills and knowledge I would require to excellently analyze and comprehend the vital subjects that are intrinsic in this field of operation (Friedman Rose and Friedman Milton, pg 78). Thus, your institution offers a vast and very useful experience to understanding the nature and reasons of conflicts and crisis while giving the possible ways of averting and resolving such issues. For this reason, I would like to pursue my master’s degree in your institution. I sincerely hope and look forward that you will grant me the opportunity to achieve this goal.

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