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Dentistry Personal Statement

My decision to study dentistry came at quite an early age. I cannot say I made the decision outright, but it sure did take time. My brother though was the main reason why I decided to become a dentist. As my brother was growing up, he developed colored teeth. They were brown in color, and I remember my brother asking me why he was the only one in the family with brown teeth. My mother could tell him that they were unique and he looked handsome, but I knew better. In school, he was always attacked, and I always had come to his rescue. It was with frequent visit to the dentist that he got white teeth just like the rest of us, and the bullying reduced. The look on my brother’s face when he was thanking the dentist made me want to become a dentist, if I could make people that happy then I had to become a dentist.

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I have always enjoyed working with people; I use to tutor grade 10 and 11 students in math. I also taught undergraduate students and volunteered at Toronto western hospital. While working as a tutor, I was able to motivate people and make them stronger. It gives me immense satisfaction to know that I have changed their lives and made them better people. This is the main reason why I am keen to enter into the caring and human services profession. I believe as a dentist I will have the opportunity to help both children and adults.

I have reinforced my interest in dentistry by my studying sciences. I have knowledge in both physical and biological sciences, having studied Neuroscience and Integrative Biology at the university. I have also taught chemistry to undergraduate students in a Chemistry Aid Tutor Centre. At my time in the centre, I was both a tutor and worked in a team supporting the members both socially and intellectually. It was while i was working there that I developed team player skills, and I was able to understand how one can work well with people (Stewart, 2009).

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Due to my interest in dentistry, I decided to volunteer at the Salida surgery centre and Dr Vijaykala during my summer vacation. This work experience helped me to see the working environment of a dentist and I was able to observe dentists perform various procedures like root canal, extraction and cleaning of teeth. I also learnt that a dentist has to have a close relationship with his patients and the importance of this relationship, as it makes the patients comfortable and confident with their dentist. It also showed me that a dentist has to poses people skills in addition to his physician, and dentistry knowledge.

In addition to my academic knowledge, I also have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. I am also highly organized; having successfully ran and managed different groups of people. My hobbies are listening to music, reading and playing sport. I have played badminton, athletics and chess. I have recently developed an interest in lawn tennis. My achievements include university honors in my Bachelor of Science degree, a Pearson’s scholar awarded to the best graduating students in high school and a National Biology Competition Award to the student with the highest score from each school.

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I am eager to start studying dentistry, I believe I am motivated. My previous experience with people and at the dental surgery has prepared me adequately to face the challenges that may be presented during my career and academic time as a dentistry student. I am extremely excited and enthusiastic to begin my studies at your dental school.


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