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What Does Spring Mean to You? Is it Your Favorite Season?

Spring is associated with popping of plants especially flowers everywhere, people wait for the season with great expectations since it marks a break from the winters. I too enjoy this season; with the new and fresh air that it brings along. Birds too seem to enjoy the weather possibly because of the abundance of flowers; the noise of the birds spices the warm spring weather. For people who live in farms, the site of green plants, flowers of different colors, and the sound of wind as it pass between leafy trees make them appreciate the weather.

Spring is a favorite season because it does not limit any activity; it is a good weather to go for long walks. The seasons allows people to re-unite after long time of indoors activities, plans for the coming of summers are made. When the snow is melting away and the sun is coming out, when there is distinct smell that cannot compete that of other seasons, people find it the right time to enjoy sports. Everyone is in a joyous mood; there is the feeling of the need to share the joy of the pleasant weather.

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The season brings the demand for warmer cloths, wardrobes are changed, the umbrellas and the trench coats are kept aside till the winter season come back. While walking in the streets, the smiles on faces of people can tell it all. Couples walk holding hands, family outs are popular, and cafeterias are full of people snacking and chatting to re-unite. The spring season is just wonderful; it allows people to appreciate life and nature. I just love the smell of garden soil during springs; I love the sound of new born birds and the spread of different types of insects on the soils. There is a feeling of hope that comes with the season, when the kids are out shouting and enjoying their games, when everyone is going for bright colored cloths. Spring season must be the favorite to everyone.

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