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Rutgers University

Rutgers University is the dream University of many high school graduates like me in the sense that it is the largest state university in New Jersey. It also has a very wide scope of higher education opportunities summing up to over one hundred bachelors degree courses, almost up to eighty doctoral and professional degrees and about a hundred masters degree courses all over its three compasses of New Brunswick & Piscataway, Newark and Camd. This university will also offer me a chance to join a school in one of its many prestigious colleges. These schools include the school of planning and public policy, school of environmental and biological sciences, school of engineering, school of arts and sciences, school of information and communication, all of which are just additional schools in the last year as a plus to those that existed before. These schools add to the diversification they already have in long time educational interests of law schools, business schools, schools of the built environment and fashion and design oriented schools. All these avail me with wide range of knowledge and academic experience earned over the years since it was chartered in the year 1776, hence making it the eighth oldest university in America.

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I intend to exploit this knowledge to the best of my abilities if allowed to join the institution and make it worth the stay in this vastly knowledgeable environment. Moreover, the presence of highly qualified lectures, a stuff full of professors of all departments, scholars having doctorate honors, writers of books used as references worldwide and heads of departments who have full experience in their departments is an added morale booster. This is the best think tank and source of challenges I would like to expose myself to. Taking part in discussions with elites whom I would like to be academically involved with is very important to me as I also get the opportunity to interact with the fraternity of this institution.

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I believe every student just like me is interested in a college that has its facilities as well maintained as those in this institution. This includes the high levels of sanitations present in the students’ hostels of living, well furnished libraries full of up to date books and a wide range of study materials and also the availability of internet services to all students. I believe these privileges are not everyday occurrence to students in all universities apart from Rutgers and other campuses of its caliber. The respect held around the institution on aspects of historical background is also vast. It has produced leaders of the corporate world today and students of the institution carry themselves with great decorum that has made them respected amongst their peers. This great respect and pride also attracts me to join this college whole heartedly.

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I had already started to educate the youths of those times on knowledge of language, divinity, liberal and upmost equivalent use of the arts and sciences. This serves my long time dream of enabling me to be an all round citizen grown in the wisdom of appreciation of artistic diversities worldwide and with knowledge of application of scientific principles for the good of myself and the society. The evident extensive mixture of different social, political and religious cultures is a jackpot of diversified ethnicity and social understanding. This will enable me to learn the different worldly behaviors, compassions and characteristics to enable me stomach people from all walks of life even in my future endeavors.

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Being an American by birth and of Arabic origin, because both my parents are immigrants, this will be advantageous to the Rutgers University institution because I will bring a synergy of both the American lifestyle and culture the Arabic orientation and view of life. Since I have lived in America all my life, I am well versed with the real life occurrences of the ups and downs of being an immigrant in this land and this knowledge can form a source of human real life library source for studies involving the social and economic perspectives of having to cope up with a new environment not only in America but in the whole world per say. I have also been travelling to my motherland of Saudi Arabia quite often hence the daily life occurrences of these environments are in me as a sense of nature. I therefore can speak Arabic fluently because I have always watched Arabic news with my mother and grandmother all through. This keeps me in touch with those at my parent’s home. I bring with me the rules and regulations of the life in Arabia and also in America both of which I will help to bring to positive neutrality and understanding. In addition to the Islam religion and culture that I have from travelling to my mother country, comparison between that and the American Islamic communities world will be an added resource to the institution on religion and beliefs that come with it thereof. The knowledge on the difference between white Muslims, African Muslim beliefs and the Native American white Muslim traditions will help the institution enlarge in its knowledge diversity. The knowledge on these areas especially socially, and in interaction levels including inter-racial and inter-religious marriages have the disparities in mind, considering that New Jersey state is cosmopolitan and vast.

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My academic performance has been of high recommendations ever since grade one and these are manifested in the attached results copies. This means I will not be here to dilute the high levels of intellectual quotient but add to it and even improve on it. I have been a good performer in mathematics, sciences, arts and even the electives showing my all round academic interest in different fields and an instant resource for a worthy opinion in all the different sectors. I have always been among the top ten students in my classes ever since my inception of education.

My social skills of interaction are almost unmatchable as I have always been involved in games, social club societies and community services. I am currently the captain of the school team, a position I have held for two seasons now. This is a proof that I am a leader of high quality and respects authority. I have also learned to interact with people from all societies and backgrounds especially through helping my father in his shop to carry out day to day errands. My homes being an area highly occupied by fellow immigrants has helped me interact with other people; learn their languages and ways of life. It is this diversity that I would wish to share with the whole Rutgers fraternity, teach them my language, customs, culture, religion, history of our existence, how we cook and what we cook and so on. This free environment will also enable me to learn their operations, new languages and ways of life and hence come out of this place more developed.

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Finally I aim to join Rutgers University because I am sure it will help me become a world class epitome of success in academics. Furthermore, the job market respects degrees and other credentials from this university, especially the corporate world. In addition to this, this institution can also provide me a career path in my future to join you as a staff member, as a lecturer, research fellow or an employee in other sectors. I am also very interested in the scholarships offered directly by this University for masters and doctorate studies either directly or through reference, all of which are academically healthy. In exchange, I will want to ensure I maintain the academic, social and even sports high standards of these institutions or better off improve them. I intend to participate in exchange programmes with the other societal organizations, improving cultural diversity; understanding and enable easier interaction from people all round the globe in this school. I would also like to come out of this place having helped my fellow students be better citizens for humanities sake all over the world as much as they have helped me. It is therefore my humble request that I be considered for this chance.

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