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What Two Agents of Socialization Have Influenced You the Most

There are several sources of socialization available and they are called agents of socialization. The most well known agents of socialization include the family, the educational institutions, the friends, the mass media and the religion.

I must confess that I found it quite hard to settle upon the two agents of socialization that have influenced me the most. However, after balancing all their features, two of them won and they are the family and the school.

The family is the very first agent of socialization anyone gets in contact with at the beginning of their life. This is why I believe that it has the biggest impact on how a person acts and believes when he or she is an adult. There is a very good reason for this. I believe that I have become who I am due to the thorough education that my parents have offered me.

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I am fully aware of the fact that the way my parents, as well as anyone’s parents socialize with their child depends on two important factors: the social class and the sex of the baby. The social class is the one that decides the level of education of the parents. This is why I think that my family influenced me the most. I grew up in a well-educated environment and I ended up being who I am now.

The school is the second agent of socialization one should be faced with during their life. School is the place where you bend your intelligence to become smart. I have learned that socializing with my colleagues and teachers have helped me greatly along the years, making me more open-minded and sociable. This is the main reason why I think that school is the second agent of socialization that has influenced me.

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All in all, I believe that every person is influenced differently by the various agents of socialization. For me, family and school were the most significant, mainly because I believe that they formed me as the person I am today.

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