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A Conclusion on My Daily Water Usage

I has come to my attention that the amount of water that is consumed or used everyday is incredibly high and this is as a result of my daily routines that to some point have resulted to my consumption to reach the level that I have described in the table above and this has been seen as my daily usage of the water (eNotes, Par 3).

The activities that I indulge in have become the center of attraction for my water usage and this is definitely what I am going to give a conclusive report on my daily usage of water. This also describes the activity that I indulge in as a way of accounting for the water that I use in my daily routines.

The first daily activity that I indulge in is showering; this is when I have a shower every morning before I get out undertaking my daily activities such as going to college and other activities that I get involved in. Showering will prepare me for the day ahead, when taking shower I use running water and its estimated that I use about 110 liters (29.05 gallons) daily just for bathing (Environment Canada, par 5).

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The second routine that I engage in is brushing my teeth, and according to my estimation I tend to use around 5-8 liters of water that is running in the sink as I brush my teeth (Famighetti, 40).

The other activity where I use water is washing my hands and face, this a daily activity that I get involved in especially after having a long day out or even after indulging in an activity that involved contaminated substances I use approximately 12 liters 3.17 gallons of water in order to keep me away from germs or contamination (eNotes, par 4).

I also wash dishes daily. When the dishes are dirty I use a lot of water as a way of making sure that the dishes are clean enough, thus I use approximately 40 liters 10.5 gallons to wash the dishes.

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The other activity that I am involved in is the flushing of the toilet once I am from using it, the daily usage of water in the toilet is 70 liters 18.4 gallons and this ratio varies as a result of the number of times that I used the toilet, thus resulting to the slight variation on the amount of water used in the toilet.

I don’t regularly wash my clothes but in every 3 days I use about 100 liters 26.4 gallons. I also cook daily and during the cooking I use about 50 liters 13.2 gallons for preparing the food all the way to when it’s laid on the table.

There are also other cases of miscellaneous costs that I get involved in this is when I use water to flower and where the water just drains to the sink without being accounted for which is about 50 liters 13.2 gallons. And from the calculation that I have done it is clear that my total daily water usage is around 440 liters 116.2 gallons.

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